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Recent LAMP Data

2019 MAY 20 08:39:44.036

0: Night Side

1: Day Side

EDR Image

EDR Image Night Side EDR Image Day Side

EDR Spectra

EDR Spectra Night Side EDR Spectra Day Side

Latest LAMP raw (EDR) spectral images (top) and spectra (bottom). The detector X pixel location (left, right) corresponds to the wavelength of the measured photon event while the detector Y pixel location corresponds to the location along the length of the slit of the spectrograph. The spectra (bottom) are total signal in rows 4 to 24, and are shown on two scales with blue enhanced by a factor of 100. The Lyman-alpha feature (part of LAMP's namesake) is located near column 590 and is typically a red bar in the image or a sharp peak in the spectra. Nominally, these spectral images are nightside and dayside accumulated data (roughly a half orbit each) measuring the UV reflectance of the lunar surface. LAMP acquires dayside data only half of the year when the orbit geometry is suitable for operations, so sometimes these images at right are blank (as expected). Occasionally we obtain calibration measurements of stars or perform other off-limb observations, which are better described as images 0 and 1 rather than "Night Side" and "Day Side" and might look peculiar (saturated color scale, etc.) but are as intended.